Why Do We Celebrate an International Day For Youth?

Not to be mistaken with World Day of Youth, which is an international children’s day. World Peace Day is an internationally recognized day, sometimes formally known as World Youth Day, dedicated to world peace. Some governments and social movements observe this day with other concerned parties too. Some notable commemorations of this day include laying a wreath on the grave of Martin Luther King, the former US president who became a symbol of non-violence against war and armed conflict.

International Day

Today, the United States is a leading nation in world diplomacy is important for American citizens. The State Department even has a special division, the Peace through Power programme, that works to support political leaders and improve the conditions of the people in foreign countries who are struggling against poverty, inequality and injustice. It is also believed that the United States is the planet’s largest single economy, second only to China. In keeping with its goal of promoting world peace and security, the Peace through Power programme coordinates international cooperation in the fields of diplomacy, security, economic development and humanitarian assistance.

The Peace through Power programme was established as a part of the United Nations after the Second World War. The programme remains a powerful tool for positive change, even after decades of peace. To date, more than fifty countries have joined the programme. This day is not just about the US alone. Millions around the world celebrate this day to show their support for peace and freedom.