Dribbling a Basketball

Basketball is a team game in which two competing teams, usually of at least five people each, fight each other on a flat rectangular floor, with the objective of scoring a basket through the opponent’s basket or goal line while preventing the other team from scoring through their own basket. Usually the game is played in a gymnasium setting with a regulation goal ring on the top corner of the court. Many different styles of play have evolved through the years and the rules may have changed but the spirit remains the same. Most basketball leagues today still call for at least two fouls to be committed by any team member, whether he or she is out-of-the-game.

A good ball handler is an important skill for any basketball player because the ball is constantly changing in direction while the ball is in your hands. Most good team players are naturally good at handling the ball and are able to put it in such a way that it travels a long distance between players and into the hoop. Good players with good handle are able to dribble the ball around the defense and make it go where they want it to go, either into the basket or off the rim. Dribbling is an essential skill for anyone that plays basketball and should not be overlooked when training the younger players.

Dribbling is also essential to shooting. Shooting a basketball has to be done with the dribble in your hand and not in your arm. Once you have made your move to the basket, it is a very simple task to set the ball up for a possible shot. The majority of successful basketball shots take place in the lane, so if you want to be a good shooter you must practice driving to the basket and making shots from there.