Peace – What Does it Mean?

Peace is a peaceful idea of social harmony and emotional friendship in the absence of violence and hatred. From a social perspective, peace is generally used to mean an absence of conflict and hostility between various groups or individuals. A common example of a peaceful society is a country with an unblemished history, where government and society operate peacefully, and where public disagreements are handled in a civilized and appropriate manner. Peace is also a desirable trait to experience in ones personal and professional life because it allows people to focus on the more important aspects in their lives.


The concept of peace has been described as a state of mind that permits the participants in a relationship to respect each other and avoid resorting to force as a means of resolving conflicts. It is a state in which people come together to live their lives in relative harmony and safety. Peace is essential for promoting cooperation among individuals and groups; it encourages the realization of human rights; and it promotes trust between people. Peace is defined by Martin Luther King Jr., as a quality of a just and loving society, where people live “in a paradise of peace.”

Peace is essential for ending conflicts, yet there are instances when peace can be attained even when there is total military victory. During Desertion, an act of surrender where an armed group surrenders to an opposing government or an indigenous peoples’ group without sustaining damage to its own side. This situation is considered to be theoretically acceptable end of an “asymmetric” military conflict.