Types of Sport

There are many different types of sporting activities and they tend to have different characteristics which can include competitions, equipment and even the location of sporting events. An activity which is normally conducted on an artificial surface is known as a sport and an activity which involves physical exertion with little or no social interaction and the main element of the activity being competition where members of a group compete against each other for personal glory, money or status. Some examples of sports include motorball, tennis, rugby, swimming, basketball and horse racing.


Sport is a broad category and encompasses any structured activity in which physical exertion is used to enhance the person’s performance in some way. It can therefore be broadly categorized into two main sub-categories which are physical activity and sporting activity. Sports are usually regulated by rules and are typically competitive and may take place in a marked area such as a sporting arena, stadium, gym or training ground. This means that competitors must adhere to a set of standards such as dress code, equipment, hygiene and safety measures. Sport allows people to express themselves whilst having fun and can be a pleasant pastime or even profession.

Professional sport is governed by a variety of criteria, including sport, skill, form and psychology. It can therefore be thought of as an organized competition where the outcome of sporting activity is primarily motivated by the participants’ desire to win, place or obtain some other reward. Professional sport can encompass any form of physical activity in which the participant’s physical, mental and emotional responses are assessed and controlled by an objective party. It can therefore be considered to be an athletic activity.