The Art of Dribbling a Basketball

Basketball is a common team sport where two teams, usually of approximately five players each, against one another on a rectangular court, play out the entire game’s course against one another for the ultimate objective of scoring a basket with the basketball. There are many different types of basketball, and each has its own rules and specifications when it comes to play. Some basketballs, such as basketballs used in pick up games and other social settings, don’t bounce that much and can be easily retrieved. Other types of basketballs, such as basketballs used in organized sports, have little rubber spikes on the bottom of the basketball that cause the basketball to rebound. The rebound of a basketball can be an extremely valuable skill if you want to play competitive basketball.


One of the most basic skills required by any basketball player is the ability to dribble a basketball. Dribbling is defined as the art of controlling a ball so that it bounces off of the rim of an outdoor basketball court or onto the floor of an indoor basketball court. The art of dribbling is crucial to basketball team success, because without the ability to dribble a basketball efficiently, there is no way for a basketball team to win a game. Dribbling a basketball requires control of one’s own body movements and a quick mental awareness of exactly how one is going to move in order to successfully hit the basketball with the ball. There are three basic styles of dribbling a basketball, including the crossover dribble, the drive dribble, and the pull up dribble. Most basketball players learn to master one particular style of dribbling before they learn to master all three styles.

Dribbling a basketball is not as simple as watching television or even reading a basketball instruction book, because each individual basketball player is completely different. Therefore, it is very difficult to take a basketball practice basketball, or a game for that matter, and compare each individual player on a college basketball playing surface with another individual player on an individual playing surface. However, there are several drills that can be used to help improve one’s dribbling skills. Two teams of players should be split up, and each team should be given one or two minutes to play a typical game on an in-arena basketball court. Each team member should then dribble the basketball with the same style and precision as possible, while attempting to shoot any free throw shots that they may be allowed.